Saunas, eating and music!

Finnish Sauna Festival event is based on the saunas, Finnish music and design as well as high-quality and traditional food.
The festival is held in the summer of 2017 in three Finnish cities; Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä. Each city venues are different; geographical locations and surroundings affect the supply and its content. Helsinki event is held in the city center nearby the famous Olympic Stadium. Turku event area is in the vicinity of the Aura River and surrounded by the historic fortress. Jyväskylä festival area has the biggest venue and one of the key elements is water and its proximity. Jyväsjärvi Lake allows different types of sauna innovations such as boat saunas and underwater saunas!

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After you buy your daily ticket there are dozens of different kind of saunas in a free use in Finnish Sauna Festival venue area. All the saunas have in common good heat and insane atmosphere! Such as this you have not experienced anywhere.

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Finnish summer, cuisine and grilling is unique in the world! That’s why it is part of the Finnish Sauna Festival!

Food supply in the festival area is a garment’s fresh and tasty. Traditional and a bit suprising summer food can be found for every tendetious preference! Hunger will definitely not stick around.



Nordic Fest Oy
Suvilahdenkatu 7
00500 Helsinki



Hinna Airaksinen

Promoter & Producer

Sauna-sector Partners

Harri Kuusjärvi



Limited amount of Media Passports for Entertainment Operators and Media will be granted only.

Accreditations to with the title Accreditation. Please let us know in the message your name, the media or company you represent, the reason for accreditation, contact informations as well as what city and date your application applies. We will respond to applications as quickly as possible.


Finnish Sauna Festival hopes to assist tens of volunteers to help and implement such a great event!
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