Enjoyable moments

Finnish Sauna Festival has dozens of different types of saunas warm throughout the event! In addition to the sauna, there is also a lot of everything else associated with saunas and relaxation. Sauna is one of the few places that allows for a break from the hectic everyday rotation. We want to provide enjoyable moments for our guests and for that reason please take other bathers into account. Having a sauna is not mandatory, but desirable!


The Sauna is the Finnishs’ way of relaxing – and each one of us Finn does it in our his or her own way. For us Finns, bathing is more than a ladleful of water thrown on a hot sauna stove. It is the sum of a number of rituals learned early in our childhood – a whole experience consisting of many small sensations. It is a feeling of complete well-being, gradually growing throughout the entire sauna experience.

Rento is a way of cleansing. Let the sauna experience become one of life’s greatest pleasures!

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Sauna Yoga

The Sauna Yoga poses are based on various yoga styles and practised seated in a temperature of approximately 50°C (120°F). Some of the poses help to relieve tensions in the neck and shoulder region and remove excessive strain on the spine and surrounding musculature, while others work to strengthen the trunk and leg muscles. The gentle heat of the sauna effectively melts away the strains and the beneficial effects can be felt immediately after a single session.

You can find Sauna Yoga sessions in Finnish Sauna Festival's big sauna. Schedules will inform later!

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Big sauna

A Phenomenal big sauna will be built into the Festival area. The sauna can accommodate hundreds of people, and there is also a lot of side programmes such as Sauna Stand Up, lectures and Sauna Yoga. A more accurate picture will appear in the spring, when the engineers can build from the drawings to the implementation phase!

Picture: Helsingin kaupunginmuseo

Sauna from Finland

Finnish sauna Festival is part of the process of creating The World's Best Finnish Sauna Experience. Members of the Sauna From Finland network with their own products, services and expertise are driven by this objective. Sauna from Finland is taking care of dozens of companies from different sectors consisting of their networks and speed up the  sauna-themed ideas.